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Pi Max

Pi Max

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Pi Max:

Pi Max is the brand new version of my impossible memory effect created in 2010. You show a pocket-sized book in which the decimals of Pi are listed, and you explain that you have memorized them. The spectator opens the book to any page, announces the page number, and you remember the first digits of the page!
You then ask him to give you a sequence of 5 digits, anywhere on any page. From this place, you begin to recite the decimals of Pi! You recite so many decimals that the spectator has to turn the page to follow you!
Finally, you ask for the spectator's birthday, for example July 14th. You then reveal the page, line and position on the line where the sequence 0714 is located in the book!

(Pi Max allows you to reveal birthdays in month/day format and day/month, without extra effort.)

No crib
No app
No peek
No preshow
No electronics
No accomplice
No complicated math


All versions allow you to perform all effects and bonuses. No version is more difficult than another, they are just different.

You hesitate for the choice of the version? Follow this simple diagram:




Get a sneak peek at the video instructions HERE.


Available in stack or stackless version.
You will receive the necessary pocket-sized book. Format 10.8 x 17.5 cm (4.25 x 6.88 inches), 90 pages.
Provided with a detailed 12-page manual in English, as well as video instructions in English (online streaming).

"Pi Normal" is identical to the special books (same cover, same thickness, same format) and actually contains the real decimals of Pi. You cannot do the routine with this book but it is a good gift idea for the spectator.

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