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How To Memorize Your Stack?

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Now that you’ve decided what stack you want to memorize, it’s time to... memorize it! But how? Most books on memdeck magic start with «Use your favorite stack», without telling us how to memorize it. There is one exception though: the great book Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz, which contains a full section dedicated to teach you how to memorize your stack.

One method that worked great for me and others is to use flashcards. Basically, you take a deck and write the appropriate stack number on the back of the appropriate card. Then you run through the deck, trying to remember what number or card is on the other side of each card you see. With repetition, you’ll eventually know the each card/number pairing perfectly. That is how I memorized my stack, then Mnemonica, and this is how I aced all my Korean and Indonesian vocabulary tests.

So, you could create such a deck for your own practice. Since we live in the digital age, there are a few options that will spare your Jerry Nuggets so don't forget to look on the App Store for a good app you can carry in your phone. Once you have the app on your device, you can practice anywhere, anytime , even if you forgot to bring your flashcard deck along. It is an invaluable learning tool and will speed up your memorization process a great deal.

It's also easier to learn while playing and having fun. Some mobile apps offer great solutions for this. Here is an awesome one by Samuel Gherman, it works on iOS and Android. You can get it for Mnemonica, Aronson, or even for any custom stack (it allows you to enter any stack you want to work on).

for iOS:

for Android:

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