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For 10 years, I have been keeping the secret that I am revealing in this book.

This secret allowed me to win the First Prize in Mentalism at the French National Championship in 2008, it got me into the legendary F.F.F.F. group in the USA, it got me the Award of Merit at the Canadian National Championship in 2012, and it fooled magicians and laypeople all over the world.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, I have decided to share this creation with you for the first time !

You can also watch the complete routine in video:

In this book, I explain the "Rainman" routine in detail, as well as 3 other memory effects with cards.

To protect this secret, there will only be 100 copies of the book. After this, it will never be distributed again.
The book contains 150 pages, in english, with illustrations, diagrams and photos. It has a hard cover, a blue linen wrap, gold lettering on the spine, a photo cover and is printed on seventy-five gram cream paper.