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“Haiku” creates an incredibly fooling and direct mind reading demonstration, as well as a very personal experience for the spectator. This book test is unique in its kind and it benefits from an all-new, original method to make the effect very deceptive, in addition from a presentation designed to create a strong emotional connexion with the person in front of you.


Discover the effect in detail HERE.



The new method has been completely redesigned to be even simpler and easier to master, all the while remaining perfectly mysterious for the audience.


No peek

No force

No sleight

No stooge

No chance

No change

No memory

No svengali

No preshow

No question

No assistant

No drawing to do


This is the ideal book test: the paperback format allows you to always carry it with you and to perform a strong and original mentalism experience.

Can be done face to face for just one person, or on stage in front of a large audience.


(This new version of “Haiku” allows you to perform exactly the same effect as the previous version.)


You will receive the necessary paperback book, containing haikus in both English and Japanese. 11x18cm (4.25x6.88inch) format, 90+ pages.

You will also be able to instantly download the detailed and illustrated instruction manual (18 pages, in English).


Download a free preview HERE.


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