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Amnesia means “loss of memory” in Spanish, because my book explores the famous Mnemonica memorized deck by Juan Tamariz, WITHOUT having to memorize it!

After 15 years of research on Mnemonica, I discovered surprising properties thanks to which you can perform impossible effects, WITHOUT knowing the order of the deck. You just need a regular deck, then you arrange it in the order indicated in my book and you follow the routines step by step.

This new book is divided into two sections.
In the first part, I went back to the tricks described in Mnemosyne. This old PDF of mine contained 4 effects, 30 pages and 17 illustrations. I entirely rewrote the content (including my presentation), along with 100 illustrations. These varied effects are designed to place you 5 steps ahead of the audience, making the routine perfectly deceptive.
In the second part, I describe 4 additional routines: gambling demonstration, sandwich, spelling effect, etc. Once again I give you my personal script as well as a detailed exploration of the method, with more than 200 illustrations.

(I also provide extra content to download. At the time of writing, a worldwide virus is forcing us to maintain a safety distance with others, so I wanted to provide you with a "distanced" version of these effects. Good news: ALL the effects in the book can be done without contact with the audience, while maintaining a safety distance, or thru a webcam.)


But there is more. To help you follow the illustrated instructions of the book, I also filmed a new series of 13 videos in English where you can see the techniques, the rhythm, the space management and the sequence of each routines. The book gives you access to a special webpage to stream the videos, making the learning experience easier and more visual for you.

The repertoire contains visual effects and mentalism effects, fully self-working effects and more technical effects, and everything can be done with a simple, regular deck of playing cards.

If you want to perform impressive card magic, work on new concepts and new sleights, and entertain your spectators, I know you will find value in this new book.

Enjoy the power of Mnemonica, and offer miracles to your audience!


* * *

8 effects, more than 200 pages, in English, with more than 300 illustrations.

The book gives you access to the videos and the bonus download.


Read a free 30-page preview of the book HERE.


normal edition: 5.5 x 8.5'' (13 x 21 cm) format, soft cover, glued binding, white paper.
Special Edition: 6 x 9'' (15 x 23 cm) format, hard cover, sturdier binding, glossy photo cover, cream paper.



A couple of the effects:


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