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Pi's unauthorized German copy

Important message:

I've just learned that an unauthorized copy of my original creation Pi is about to be released internationally. I can't do anything to stop it, but I can warn the loyal users of my routine.



As you know, I created Pi in 2010, inspired by a discussion with my Australian friends, mentalists Sean Taylor and Richard Paddon. Sean, Richard, and I agreed that our creations were different, so there was no problem.


My original routine seems to have pleased our community: thousands of you perform it in over forty countries because it only uses numbers, so it works in any language. Like my Japanese book test Haiku, or my award-winning act Rainman, my Pi routine made me known in our magical community. It's one of my favorite creations, my best seller on the market, a signature routine that I still perform today, and I'm happy to share it with other passionate and respectful artists of our craft.




In 2019, I was warned that a German magician (let's call him "B") was selling a suspiciously similar routine. He briefly mentions my name in his explanations and advertising, but forgets to mention Sean and Richard.


Jan Forster, a friend and famous German mentalist, explained to me the origin of this unauthorized copy. With my permission, Jan performs Pi (stack version) in his show. B saw Jan and loved his performance. After inquiring, B seems to have decided that he might not have the intellectual capacity to master the routine. So, he cobbled together a copy more suited to his level. He never contacted me or asked for any permission, and unfortunately, he created an inferior routine.


I had access to the instructions of the unauthorized copy, so let's compare a few points.


In phase 2 of my original routine, the participant freely names a block of 5 digits anywhere on any page, and then you recite the sequence (dozens of digits if you want).

In the unauthorized copy, the participant's choice is restricted; she must name the first three digits of a line. Worse, B can only reveal the next THREE digits.

Users of my original routine know: phase 2 is impressive thanks to the participant's freedom of choice and the long recitation of several digits from the freely chosen spot. Unfortunately, the unauthorized copy destroys these two fundamental aspects.


Another comparison contributing to the mediocrity of this unauthorized copy: it's impossible to reveal the birthday!

In my original routine, you easily reveal the page, line, and column of the participant's birthday (day and month); it's a strong finale with a personal element.

In the unauthorized copy, it's impossible to reveal the day and month; you only reveal... the year! The participant announces her birth year; for example, I was born in '83. She then has to go to page... 83! It's a shame to have copied my routine to link the year and the page in such an unsubtle way...


More disturbing: B cobbled together his mediocre solution after seeing Jan Forster's professional performance. Consequently, B also copied the layout of my original book, the structure of my routine, and presentation elements unique to Jan and me!


I could continue comparing B's mediocre copy, but in summary, it's the same book, the same theme, the same idea, the same routine, the same presentation, the same structure, etc. B's only contribution is making the routine less impressive and the method dumber.




Why bring up an unauthorized copy from 2019 now? Because the story continues today...

I received an email from B. He starts by congratulating me on creating Pi, a "brilliant idea... hats off!... piece of art..."... He then apologizes (in one quick line) for using my idea without permission for his copy. (He apologizes, so he admits his fault?)


He assures me that all the magicians to whom he showed his copy found it great. Unfortunately for him, I have many talented friends in Germany. I met some of them at FFFF conventions in the USA over the years. Others during my German lecture tour in 2016, where I discovered many intelligent magicians, speaking impressive English, and receptive to my style of mentalism. When I contacted my German friends about B and his unauthorized copy, none gave me positive feedback about this person or his "creation"...


B continues his email by making me an offer. To make up for releasing his copy in 2019 without my authorization, he will... soon release a new copy without my authorization BUT this time he lets me know, and he even considers a partnership with me! His message then hints at a financial benefit for me, because he is already negotiating international distribution and sales with a partner and resellers.


Finally, he generously offers to send me a copy (evidence?) of his fraud.


No thanks.




As I said at the beginning of this long text, there's nothing I can do to stop this, but I can warn the loyal users of my routine. Don't be surprised to see this unauthorized copy being distributed.


I'm sad that the public will see a mediocre copy in performance, and I hope it won't negatively impact those who perform my routine with respect. Situations like this sometimes discourage me from continuing to create and share my ideas, but I am grateful for your continued support of my creations.

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