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Modification & cancellation

Your order is processed and locked within 1 hour, then transfered to the company that handles printing/packaging/shipping.
Make sure that your delivery address and order content are correct.
1 hour after your order, modification or cancellation is impossible.


Shipping & delivery

Printing+Delivery takes between 5 and 15 days, depending on order content, destination and speed of postal services.
Thank you for your patience.
If an estimated delivery date (or tracking number) is available, it will be communicated to you.



Special Editions or normal editions

Some of my books are available in two physical formats. The content is the same in both formats.

normal edition: 5.5 x 8.5'' (13 x 21 cm) format, soft cover, glued binding, white paper.
Special Edition: 6 x 9'' (15 x 23 cm) format, hard cover, sturdier binding, glossy photo cover, white paper.



Website is available in English and French. Click on the flags at the top of the website to choose the language.
Content (books, videos, downloads) is provided in the website's language. To get a book in English, order on the English website; to get a book in French, order on the French website.
For special requests about language, please contact me first.
(The Penguin Live Lecture is only available in English. Oracle Belline and Secret Conférence are only available in French.)



Instructions and links are available as downloads for some creations.

An email will be sent to you with the download link. (It may be in your mailbox's spam.)
The download is a zip file containing the instruction manual. This download must be done on a computer (not on a smartphone or a tablet).
Download and open the zip file to access the instructions. You can print it and/or keep it on your computer.
If you lose the printed manual or the file, you can download it again from the email you received.


Using my creations

Purchasing my creations does NOT give you permission to use them in the context of recorded and/or broadcasted and/or ticketed performances. For these situations, please contact me first to discuss a usage agreement.
Purchasing my creations gives you permission to use them in the context of non-recorded and/or non-broadcasted and/or non-ticketed performances. Therefore it can be performed in situations such as paid gigs, corporate events, or informal situations (magic club, family, friends, etc.).


Book signing

All orders are managed directly by the printing company. Because they handle printing, packaging and shipping, I don’t have access to the books so I cannot sign them.
However, I’ll be happy to sign your book if we meet during a magic event.



The website allows you to pay instantaneously and securely with Mastercard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, ApplePay, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Payments by check or cash cannot be accepted on the website.