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Here you will find the most Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers.


Shipping & delivery


Shipping is free, for all orders and all destinations. (More accurately, I pay for your shipping as a gift to you.)

Because of free international shipping, there is no tracking or estimation of a delivery date, and it can be slow.

Please allow some time for your order to arrive and be assured that it's on its way.

Thank you for your patience.

The shipping company sometimes provides me with a tracking number. If that is the case, you will received an email with this information. This message may land in the spam folder of your mailbox.

Depending on your location, delivery can take anything between 3 and 30 days.

You can follow your order at any time by clicking the blue button in the original email you received after placing your order (it may have landed in the spam folder of your mailbox).





The website is available in English and in French. You can choose the language of the website by clicking the flag icons at the top of the website.


The content (books, videos, downloads) is provided in the language of the website. If you order a book on the English website, you will receive this book in English; if you order a book on the French website, you will receive the book in French. If you are an English speaker and you wish to order a book in French (for example, to perform my Babel book test to a French speaking audience), you can add a message about this during the finalisation of the order. I will see your message when I process your order and I will proceed accordingly.


Some contents on the website are language specific. The Penguin Live Lecture is only available in English. Oracle Belline and Secret Conférence are only available in French.



Choosing your version de Pi


If you wish to perform Pi but you’re unsure about which version you should choose, please take the time to read the informations on Pi’s webpage and to watch the videos I filmed for you. I address (among other things) tips and advices to choose the most suitable version for you.




For some creations and bonuses, an instruction manual is available to download. The download link appears on the screen at the end of your order. You will also receive an email giving you this link again. This email may land is the spam folder of your mailbox.


The download is a zip file containing the instruction manual. This download must be done on a computer, not on a smartphone or a tablet.

Once the zip file has been downloaded and opened, you’ll have access to the instruction manual as a PDF. You are then free to print it or to keep it on your computer.


If you lose the printed manual or the file, no worries, you can download it again via the email you received at the end of your order.



Using my creations

Purchasing my creations gives you permission to use them in the context of non-recorded and/or non-broadcasted and/or non-ticketed performances. Therefore it can be performed in situations such as paid gigs, corporate events, or informal situations (magic club, family, friends, etc.).


Purchasing my creations does NOT give you permission to use them in the context of recorded and/or broadcasted and/or ticketed performances. For these situations, please contact me first to discuss a usage agreement.



Book signing

All orders are managed directly by the printing company. They handle the printing, the packaging and the shipping. For this reason, unfortunately I don’t have access to the books so I’m unable to sign them.

However, if you meet me during a lecture, a convention or another magic event, I’ll be happy to sign your book.




The website allows you to pay instantaneously and securely with PayPal.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use your bank card. Of course, I don’t have access to your bank details and this payment mode is entirely secured.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to accept payments by check or cash on the website.