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Multitude unveils the amazing principle of the Multieffect deck, as well as 16 unbelievable routines that have been part of Vincent Hedan’s professional repertoire for years.

Chosen card, thought-of card, sandwich, coincidence, Out of this World, estimation, card to wallet and many more: these classics of card magic are presented here in surprising versions with simple and direct methods. All these miracles are based on the same idea, the Multieffect deck, an ingenious principle allowing you to fool any audience and perform impossible effects.

multitude of effects.

Vincent Hedan has been using the Multieffect deck for years; now all his secrets are yours.


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This gives you access to:

online video instructions (1h30 in English)

PDF book (70 pages, in English, illustrated)


This does not include the special cards; you can easily manufacture the Multieffect deck yourself, or buy the necessary deck from an online magic shop.

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