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Your mind will always be my playground

Your mind will always be my playground

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Vincent Hedan has presented his unique approach to mentalism everywhere in the world. In 2008, he received the First Prize in Mentalism at the French National Championship. Your mind will always be my playground is his third book on the subject. 

With these 11 original routines for close-up and parlour, beginners and professionals will discover simple and direct methods using easy-to-find props and exploring original themes designed to mystify the audience. 

Now it is your turn to play with the mind of your spectators! 

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Your mind will always be my playground is available in 2 formats. The content is exactly the same: 150 pages in English, with 110+ illustrations. The normal edition has a 13x21cm format, a soft cover, and glued binding. The Special Edition has a 15x22cm format, a hard cover, stitched binding, a ribbon bookmark, linen wrap with monochromatic printing, a glossy photo cover, and 90-gram cream paper.


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